Maintenance Contract

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Service Contract Maintenance 2-Web-FIVES

Several levels of maintenance contract are available according to the needs of each customer:

Contract *Contract **Contract ***
Geometrical controlXXX
Control of the safety equipmentsXXX
Metrological controlXXX
Metrological control + settingsX
Three days of corrective maintenanceX
Delivery of spare partsX
Supply of pack of wear parts necessary for annual preventive maintenanceX
Remote servicesX

Why taking a maintenance contract ?

  • To improve machine availability
  • To prevent breakdowns and unscheduled downtime
  • To keep the level of performance through life time
  • To reduces the overall cost of maintenance
  • To keep the machine value
  • To reduce unplanned downtime by reducing predictable failures of machine components
  • To increase the quality of production and profitability
  • To maximize return on investment
  • To limit unscheduled outages that are often very expensive
  • By planning preventive maintenance according to production schedule, to minimize the impact of the maintenance on your production
  • As maintenance is scheduled, the manufacturer can send the most qualified technician to perform the preventive maintenance of your machine, in order to increase the quality of the intervention

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