Electrospindle Repair Workshop

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Specific workshop-FIVES

A specific workshop

Based on its experience in machine-tool reconstruction with high-technical constraints, Fives has set up a workshop for overhauling and repairing all types of electric spindles untill 40 000 mn/tr and 60 Kw power.

Equipped with suitable equipment and machines to ensure the precision required by this activity, the workshop is able handle any project at any stage:

  • Detailed diagnosis of the condition of electric spindles: issuing of a report and a precise costs estimate 
  • Renovation, replacement and repair of default parts 
  • Inspection during and after installation: geometric inspection, static and dynamic vibration checks, balancing of the rotor, testing of on-board systems, monitoring of shaft elongation and bearing temperatures 
  • Signature, tests and running-in 
  • Issuing of servicing report
  • Clean room 1-FIVES
  • Clean room 2-FIVES
  • Electrospindle Test-FIVES

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