Diagnostic Communication System (DCS)

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Save time and money with the Fives Diagnostic Communication System (DCS) which allows Fives technicians to diagnose machine errors and issues remotely. The system is standard on all new Cincinnati and Giddings & Lewis machine tools and available on installed machines with PC-based HMI.

How it Works  

  • The machine operator calls the Fives technician to start the diagnostic session
  • The operator brings up TeamViewer on the control screen
  • TeamViewer generates a unique password
  • The operator gives the password to the technician
  • The technician enters the password into the TeamViewer Console Manager and is then able to see the control screen and begin the diagnostic process

Highly Secure System 

Using a commerically-based software package, TeamViewer, to connect to the machine tool, the Fives Diagnostic Communication System (DCS) is secure and fast. Connection between the control and the service technician passes through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A new and unique password  is generated by TeamView each time DCS is activated. The program only runs when an operator asks for service. An activity log is created and records the machine issues and the name of the operator.

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