Production reapplication or carry over

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HP Adapting equipment-FIVES

Fives provides production reapplication solutions, also called carry-over, either by adapting equipment to a new production or by reengineering equipment for the evolution of existing parts.

Fives determines the most appropriate solution, including:

  • Investigating the manufacturing process and operation schedule 
  • Specifying the tools 
  • Designing the setup fixtures, applying FMECA 
  • Simulating the tool paths 
  • Produce troughput

Fives is committed to results in terms of:

  • Quality and capability 
  • Production pace 
  • Optimized operating costs

Vertical broaching machine

Vertical broaching machine-FIVES

Main bearing boring machine

Mean-boring machine-FIVES

Grinding machine

Grinding machine-FIVES
  • Grinding machine-FIVES
  • Mean-boring machine-FIVES
  • Vertical broaching machine-FIVES

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