Giddings & Lewis VTC Series 5 - 8m

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Fives  metal cutting composites Giddings VTC5000-FIVES
Giddings VTClivecut-FIVES

Giddings & Lewis 5 to 8 meter VTC series

Massive parts require equally massive machines.  With the capacity to turn parts up to 9 meters in diameter, weighing more than 250,000 kg, Giddings & Lewis vertical lathes fit the bill.

Five to eight meter VTC advantages

  • Powerful 200 kW table drives for heavy cuts
  • Large 350 mm square hydrostatic ram adds stiffness for heavy cuts, better surface finishes and greater accuracy
  • Full X-axis travel right and left of center optimizes probing routines
  • Operator platform allows safe viewing of operations

Machine specifications

VTC 5000 - 8000

Table size (mm)

5000 – 8000

Maximum swing (mm)

6000 – 9000

Table speed (rpm)

75 – 45

Ram head

Ram size (mm)

350 x 350

Z-axis vertical travel (mm)


Rapid traverse (m/min)



AC drive motor (kW)


Maximum torque (Nm)

160,000 - 255,000

Thrust bearing load capacity (kg)

150,000 - 250,000

Tool magazine

26 - 200 positions

Applications and operations

Extremely large parts for industries such as wind and nuclear require not only the size and power to turn the workpieces but the accuracy to meet the tolerance demands.  Giddings & Lewis vertical lathes have the capacity and precision required.

Available options:

  • Live spindles
  • Right angle head live spindles
  • Tool magazines
  • Tool and part probes

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