Giddings & Lewis VTC Series 1.25 - 4.5m

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Fives metal cutting composites Giddings VTC1600-FIVES

Giddings & Lewis VTC Series vertical turning centers

Fives’ 1.25 to 4.5 m Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers have the power, capacity and options that make them the industry standard for vertical turning. The latest innovation is a Y-axis attachment capable of machining off-centerline part features.  

VTC advantages

  • Modular design allows the choice of many column heights, Z travel and attachments to suit any part size or complexity
  • The adjustable rail elevation which uses precision linear scales has an infinite number of cross slide positions and accommodates a wide range of parts
  • Full X-axis travel, left and right of center, allows cutting from both sides of center and probing part diameters optimizing turning operations. 
  • Hydrostatic ram adds stiffness for heavy cuts, better surface finishes and greater accuracy
  • Productive options include live spindles, side heads, grinding and Y-axis attachments, pallet shuttles and more… 

Machine specifications

VTC 1000 - 4500

Table size (mm)

1000 – 4500

Maximum swing (mm)

1200 – 4700

Table speed (rpm)

630 – 100

Ram head

Ram size (mm)

250 x 250

Z-axis vertical travel (mm)

750 – 1750

Rapid traverse (m/min)



AC drive motor (kW)

75 – 108

Maximum torque Nm)

17,113 - 102,885

Thrust bearing load capacity (kg)

82,200 - 199,600

Tool magazine

26 - 208 positions


Applications and operations

The versatility of the Giddings & Lewis VTC Series is unmatched.  Plunge milling, helical interpolation, high feed milling, grinding, hard turning and off-center side machining are just a few of the advanced processes. Our application experts can help you determine the operations best suited for your parts. See some of the action for yourself in our videos.

  • Add machining-center capabilities and machine in one setup with live spindles.
  • Drill, mill and tap the sides of a part with a right angle head live spindle or Y-axis attachment.  
  • Four axis machining, with two heads, allows simultaneous cutting. Perform OD and ID cuts at the same time. Rough with one head and finish with the other. 
  • Cut from both sides of center and probe diameters with full X-axis travel, left and right of center. 
  • Available on 1.25 to 3.5 m VTCs, the side head option is ideal for pinch turning or machining of tall or flanged parts. 
  • For higher volume jobs, the automation of a pallet shuttle optimizes production time. Operators may setup parts while the machine is cutting. 

Available options include

  • Y-axis attachment
  • Live spindles
  • Right angle head live spindles
  • Grinding attachments
  • Full-contouring C-axis
  • 4-axis models with two rams
  • Pallet shuttles
  • Tool and part probes

Manufacturers worldwide are benefiting from the capacity and versatility of Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers. Click on the application reports below to read how customers in the following industries are using Giddings & Lewis VTCs to increase their productivity.

Steel Mill


Y axis wPart 0002 web-FIVES

Y-axis attachment adds capability to machine off-centerline art features

Machining operations that are off centerline such as face milling or bolt hole drilling on flanges often require machining on a horizontal machining center or boring mill. The Giddings & Lewis Y-axis attachment allows machining of these off-centerline features on the vertical turning center. Setups are reduced or eliminated with the added Y-axis functionality decreasing production time and cost. Watch the video to see the Y-axis in action. The attachment is available on all new VTC Series lathes and as a retrofit on select models. 


Four Axis Cutting

Full X-Axis Travel

PDF couv 200x200-FIVES picto 02-FIVES

Live Spindle Cutting

Sidehead VTC

  • Side head VTC
    Side head VTC
  • Right angle live spindle VTC attachment
    Right angle live spindle VTC attachment
  • VTC grinding attachment
    VTC grinding attachment
  • VTC with pallet shuttle
    VTC with pallet shuttle

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