Laser Welding Module

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Laser welding module 500x277 web @Fives-FIVES

  • Compact and Multi-purpose equipment (welding, cutting, drilling, hardening…)
  • Based on a standard modular design fitted with customized fixtures (for round parts, shafts,…)
  • Manual loading upgradeable to a fully automated system
  • Rotating table allowing loading/unloading in concurrent operation time
  • Standalone machine or integrated into a full-featured assembly line
  • Additional functions can be implemented on purpose (pressing, heating, control,…) 

Fives Compact Welding Cells also exist in dual station versions

  • Two rotating tables
  • Two spindles
  • Two upper stops

Scope of use

  • Range of laser power: 1 to 10 kW
  • Types of laser: CO2 Lasers, Solid-state Lasers (YAG, fiber and diode Laser)
  • Work-piece dimensions: up to Diam. 300 mm
  • Typical applications: ideally suited for powertrain components (gears, shafts, clutches,…)
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