Laser Additive Manufacturing

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AM 5 axis controlled-FIVES

Fives 5-Axis Laser Center

The Fives 5-Axis Laser Center is ideally suited for laser surfacing for the accurate repair of used parts (e.g. turbine blades) & 3-D manufacturing of complex geometry products (near net shape production for aerospace, mining, energy, and medical industries).

Fives 5-axis laser center-FIVES
Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)-FIVES

  • 5 axis controlled: 3 axes (X Y Z) + 2 axes (B C)
  • Adaptable working volume (1500 x 800 x 800 mm and more)
  • Powdered metals feeder and nozzle(s) for laser cladding applications (laser metal deposition) & laser assisted additive manufacturing
  • The Fives 5-Axis Laser system can be used for welding, cutting, drilling and hardening operations.
  • Bi-material or multi-material manufacturing

Technical Specifications

Stroke1400 mm900 mm800 mm
Speed≥ 30m/min≥ 30m/min≥ 30m/min
Positional Repeatibility0.02 mm0.02 mm0.02 mm
Acceleration≥ 6 m/s²≥ 6 m/s²≥ 6 m/s²
Stroke± 110°N x 360°
Speed30 rpm30 rpm
Positional Repeatibility0.01°0.01°
Acceleration15 rad/s²15 rad/s²
Max workpiece diameterØ 700 mm

Machine dimensions and layout can be adapted to meet the customer’s needs.

Dual table 5-Axis Cladding Concept-FIVES

Dual Table 5-Axis Laser Cladding Concept


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