Giddings & Lewis T-Bed Horizontal Boring Mill

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Giddings & Lewis T-Bed HBMs - a Job Shop Workhorse

For maximum productivity at a minimal cost, the Giddings & Lewis T-bed horizontal boring mill is hard to beat. Fives has a tradition of building rigid, accurate and reliable machine tools. The Giddings & Lewis T-bed HBM carries on that tradition but at a price level that will appeal to every shop.

Giddings & Lewis T-bed HBM advantages

  • Rigid machining platform for heavy precision cutting

o    Cast iron construction

o    Cross-braced column

o    Hydrostatic table with 360 degree table clamping for added rigidity

o    Dual servo B-axis table, electronically compensated for zero backlash

  • Flat floor installation reduces foundation and installation costs
  • Economical chip management
  • Integral coolant pan for chip and coolant containment
  • Electronically-counterbalanced headstock provides superior contouring performance

 Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

RT 130 and RT 155

X-axis travelmm2000
Optional X-axis travelmm3000
Y-axis travelmm1500
Optional Y-axis travelmm2000
Z-axis travelmm1600
Feeds / rapid traversem/min10
Table sizemm1250 x 1400
Optional table sizemm1400 x 1800
Allowable loadkg10,000
Spindle diametermm130 or 155
Power - S1-100% / S6-40%kW22 / 33
Optional power - S1-100% / S6-40%kW30 / 45
Torque - S1-100% / S6-40%Nm1267 / 1900
Optional torque - S1-100% / S6-40%Nm2254 / 3380



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