Giddings & Lewis RT series rotary table HBM

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HBM Frackblock-FIVES

Giddings & Lewis RT series rotary table horizontal boring mills

Fives offers its Giddings & Lewis RT Series with a built-in contouring rotary table. The flexibility of an additional axis makes this machine well-suited for prismatic parts requiring work on multiple surfaces. Heavy, high-precision cuts are possible with the rigid machining platforms of all Giddings & Lewis boring mills.

Advantages of table-type horizontal boring mills

  • Substantial weight capacity – table handles parts weighing as much as 40,000 kg
  • Rigid machining platform with one-piece column base and bed.
  • High performance drive and way system provides both superior stiffness and allows fast traverse – 25 m/min
  • Modular design – select machine features and capabilities based on applications. Choose from three headstocks – two or four-speed, 130 or 155 mm diameter

Machine specifications

RT 1250

RT 1600


X-axis travel (mm)



Optional X-axis travel (mm)



Y-axis travel (mm)



Optional Y-axis travel (mm)

2600 / 3100

2600 / 3100 / 3600


W-axis travel (mm)



Optional W-axis travel (mm)

2000 / 2500 / 3500


Feeds/rapid traverse (m/min)



Table size (mm)

1250 x 1600

1600 x 2000


Optional tables (mm)

1600 x 1800

1600 x 2500


Allowable load (kg)




Spindles – for all table-type HBMs there are three spindle choices




Diameter (mm)




Speed (rpm)




Power (kW)

30 / 45

30 / 45

37 / 56

Torque (Nm)

1108 / 1662

4210 / 6190

5080 / 7695

Z-axis travel (mm)

800 mm

1000 mm

1250 mm

Applications and operations 

The amazing versatility of the RT series appeals to manufacturers in all industries - Aerospace, Automotive, Foundries, Oilfield, Mining, Defense and Job Shops to name a few. Our application engineers are equally versatile having helped customers in all industries develop the most productive solutions.

  • Read how an Oilfield customer used an RT series HBM to add capacity. Application report
  • The rigidity of G&L boring mills makes it possible to take heavy cuts. 
  • Programmable boring bars and contouring heads add machining versatility and reduce the number of tools needed by adding turning capabilities to live spindle HBMs and HMCs. The video demonstrates how these attachments handle a variety of part features. 


Available options:

  • Contouring heads and programmable boring bars
  • Right angle heads
  • Attachment racks
  • High-pressure coolant through the spindle
  • Large capacity tool magazines
  • Tool and part probes
  • Controls – Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain

Programmable boring bars

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