Sonaca Montreal signed a new order for a Liné Machines Macbormill machining center and a Liné Machines RoboTC 200

Macbormill 250 HS5-2 Sonaca MCC-FIVES

Sonaca Montreal signed a contract with Fives Liné Machines (Granby, Canada) for the purchase of a Liné Machines Macbormill 250 HS/5-2 low-rail, dual spindle, 5-axis gantry high-speed vertical milling machine. The company also purchased a next-generation automated tool changer, the Liné Machines RoboTC 200, which will be integrated to the Liné Machines Macbormill.

Based in Mirabel (Québec, Canada), Sonaca Montreal is a world leader in the manufacturing of large aerospace aluminum structures for commercial and general aviation.

“We are very satisfied with our Liné Machines Powermill V high-rail gantry mill,” noted Sylvain Bédard, CEO Sonaca Montréal. “When we factor in the many common parts and accessories between the two machines, the after-sales service and our good working relationship, it was natural to turn to Fives again for our next state-of-the-art high-speed vertical milling machine.”