Sonaca Montreal expands capacity with state-of-the-art Liné Machines 5-axis high rail vertical gantry mill

Line Machines Powermill V copyright-FIVES

Sonaca Montreal, world leader in the manufacture of large aluminum aerostructure components for commercial and business aviation chooses Fives Liné Machines located in Granby, Quebec as partner to develop a high speed, technologically-advanced and maintenance-friendly 5-axis gantry mill.

Operator and maintenance-friendly features

Maintenance and operator-friendly features were design priorities in the development of the Liné Machines Powermill V for Sonaca Montreal. The speed and power of the Liné Machines Powermill V spindle and axes drive systems provide substantial metal removal capabilities. “Working with the customer Fives Liné Machines engineered a superior solution that places a high priority on accuracy, quality, reliability and in-process systems.” said Brian Kilpatrick, Regional Sales Manager at Fives Liné Machines.

Sonaca Montreal will be showing the capabilities of the Liné Machines Powermill V to their customers at an open house on December 11th, 2017. The Canadian/Quebec governments supported the purchase of the high-performance machine through long term loans.