Fives supplies a 5-axis profiler in China

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Through its Metal Cutting | Composites business line, Fives won the tender for the delivery of one Forest-Liné Powermill Ti, to one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers and suppliers in China.

The Forest-Liné Powermill Ti machine will be in production in Hongdu Aviation CNC workshops specialized in aerospace parts machining. This machine is designed for roughing and finishing hard materials and titanium, and is primarily used to create complex structural aircraft parts such as landing gears and sliding ways.

It will produce titanium parts for civil aviation, Hongdu Aviation CNC being a subcontractor of many aircraft and aerospace manufacturers.

The equipment pre-assembly is planned for November 2016 in Fives Machining Forest-Liné Albert facility (France). The commissioning will take place by the end of 2017 in China.

Hongdu renews its confidence in Fives Group after the investment in several machines from the Cincinnati Profiler multi-spindle product line.