Fives’ Metal Cutting | Composites offer and its Global Services south-east agency nominees at NTN-SNR Bearings Awards Best Supplier 2015, in the machine segment.

Fives Global Services NTN-SNR-FIVES

NTN–SNR Bearings is a world leader in the manufacture of bearings. Bearings are high-tech products where manufacturing has to deal with loading, accuracy and minimal friction constraints.

Fives Machining and its Global Services south-east agency, by their machine-tool builder and re-builder expertise, purposes to improve superfinishing Z150 machine NTN-SNR Bearings, through integration of numerical axes.

Five Z150 machines NTN-SNR Bearings are currently in production on Alès facility in France, the Sixth’ is currently testing on Annecy production lines.

NTN-SNR Bearings renews its confidence in Fives Machining, and order two ZC4 superfinishing machines, integrated superfinishing dual-station of raceway. The manufacturing will begin in the fall.

The awards ceremony will take place in Annecy (74), France, on 30th of June, 2015.