Fives – BeAM Partnership for Additive Manufacturing machines: complementary expertise for a booming industry

The Fives subsidiary Fives Machining has signed a partnership contract with BeAM, first European manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines using metal powder deposit technology.

IMG 6910 web-FIVES

For this, Fives supplies 5-axis basic machines which integrate the technological materials needed for BeAM’s CLAD® process (Construction Laser Additive Direct), developed by the IREPA LASER research center and used to build or repair metallic parts via 3D printing.

Fives’ 5-axis machines are traditionally used for machining applications. These machines also meet the stringent quality requirements of metallic 3D printing, combining high-precision, high-rigidity and high-dynamic of the axes.

In addition to their technological complementarities, BeAM and Fives will jointly ensure machines sale and after-sale services.