The railroad industry is in the heart of new environmental and technological expectations. For 200 years, Fives has been involved in the development of the rail industry.

To support the growing mobility of freight and passengers, an infrastructure manufacturer innovates and optimizes their process, ever faster.

Since the birth off railroads, Fives has been a major player in the world development of rail. After having manufactured the first Belgian railroad, and locomotives during the heart of the industrial revolution, Fives supported its customers in bringing innovative solutions to optimize their manufacturing process. Fives develops, with customers, innovative solutions dedicated to the machining of railway equipment. Thanks to Forest-Liné, Giddings & Lewis and Liné Machines solutions, Fives equipment is customized and designed to ensure flexible production and quality from the smallest to the biggest parts; bogies, wagon supports, crossing & turnout frogs, rail switch points, straight rails...

Fives in the railroad:

Heavy Duty Gantry Mills

Fives designs milling machines with a high reliability, a rigid machining platform and a unique head design that easily performs high tolerance finishing operations.

Expertise and process services

Fives supplies tailor-made solutions and ensures an optimal performance and improved availability of the installation.

Vertical Turning Centers

Fives produces vertical turning centers designed for high metal removal and the capacity to handle large railway wheels.

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