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The mining industry plays a key role in the energy industry due to increased demand and new methods of extraction. Fives is partner of equipment manufacturers by developing new technologies to meet these challenges.

The boom in the mining industry put pressure on mining equipment producers to improve productivity. The multi-functional capabilities of Fives machine tools adds not only a new level of productivity but the added advantages of precision and reliability. 

Large mining parts often have long cycle times and require heavy metal removal. Fives machine tools are renowned for their reliability, an attribute key to cutting parts with cycle times that last through multiple shifts. The powerful drives and rigid machining platforms take heavy cuts with ease.

Fives in the mining industry:

Boring mills

Moving large parts from machine to machine extends production times and can lead to accuracy errors. By offering attachments that add functionality, Giddings & Lewis boring mills allow mining equipment manufacturers to do more machining in one setup.

Machining centers

Automation such as the pallet shuttle systems of Fives machining centers allow equipment producers to setup a new part while one is machining. The gains in productivity and parts quality can be substantial.

Portal mills

Portal mills are well-suited for long parts, multiple part setups and five-sided machining often required by mining equipment builders. With multiple heads and automatic head changing, production times on extremely large parts are further reduced.

Turning centers

With swings from 1 to 9 meters, Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers handle a wide range of parts. Adding live spindles, side heads or right angle attachments adds machining center functionality to the substantial turning capabilities.

Expertise and process services

Fives brings its expertise and services to supply tailor-made solutions and ensure an optimal performance and improved availability of the plant.

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