Refurbishment - Machine rebuilding

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Fives has technical and personnel resources to carry out all kinds of retrofit and refurbishment operations on any metal cutting machine.

  • Fives can handle any type of machine, which operates by chip removal (machining centers, lathes, milling, grinding, broaching machines).
  • Fives  can integrate, develop and apply new or specific processes in various industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, industrial equipments…
  • Fives operates according to the latest current standards, particularly in terms of safety.

Examples of achievements :

Complete Electrical & Mechanical Overhaul including new CNC, servo motors & drives.

Before 1-FIVES


After 1-FIVES


Before 2-FIVES


After 2-FIVES


Before 3-FIVES


After 3-FIVES


  • Facilities-FIVES
  • Babbited bearings adjustment-FIVES
  • Broaching machine refurbishment 1-FIVES
  • Broaching machine refurbishment 2-FIVES
  • Grinding machine application-FIVES
  • Scrapping-FIVES

Grinding machine adaptation

Grinding machine application-FIVES  DSC9383-FIVES  DSC9383-FIVES

Fives is specialized in refurbishment of thread grinding machine, as well as adapting your grinding machine according to your specific needs.

High  precision - Expert - Experience

Broaching machine application


Relying on its experience in refurbishing & transformation, Fives is able to purpose specific broaching solutions according to your needs.

Customized solutions - High productivity

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