Cincinnati PMT (Precision Mill, Drill and Trim)

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Cincinnati PMT purple part WEB-FIVES

Product description

The Cincinnati Precision Mill and Trim (PMT) offers speed, accuracy and performance to manufacturers producing large parts from fiberglass, graphite composite, aluminium, and non-ferrous alloys. Whether applied to components for the aircraft, wind power, mold, pattern, watercraft, high-speed rail, or automotive industries, the PMT provides high-performance in an affordable package. Built upon a rugged rail-type vertical gantry platform comprised of standard modules, the PMT offers unlimited X-axis range and up to 60 m/min traverse speed, to perform precise 5-axis and 5-side maneuvering for milling, trimming, drilling and cutout operations.

Product advantages

  • Large capacity and range to process extremely long, wide, or tall parts
  • 5-axis and 5-sided flexibility to process complex parts
  • Customized machine configurations
    • Unlimited X-axis travel: expandable in 1 m (3.2 ft) increments
    • Y-axis travels: up to 6 m (19.7 ft)
    • Z-axis travels: up to 2 m (6.6 ft)
    • Spindle options up to 30,000 rpm and 42 kW (56.3 hp)
    • Choice of automatic tool changer/storage options 
    • Integrated, high-efficiency chip/dust vacuum option
    • Chip/coolant options
  • Modular design supports specific application requirements
  • Precision machining accuracy
  • Provides a balance between performance and economy

Product images

  • Cincinnati PMT web-FIVES
  • Cincinnati PMT FlexiTool WEB-FIVES
  • Cincinnati PMT HiRes Cam07 r1 WEB-FIVES

Product configurations

High rail on concrete
High rail on concrete
High rail on stanchions
High rail on stanchions
Low rail
Low rail

Technical specifications

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