Forest-Liné Majormill

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Fives metal cutting composites Majormill-FIVES

Forest-Liné's largest capacity portal machining centers that can be configured many ways: moving table, moving gantry, fixed or moving crossrail, turning and/or milling rotary plate...

Markets / ApplicationsMaterials
Industrial equipment, Energy, Machine-tool industryHard materials 

Key differentiators

  • Large choice of standard milling heads, all made-in-house : Universal milling head, vertical offset, narrow right angle, fixed angle milling heads....
  • Customizable milling heads 
  • Safe process: Automatic geometry check and spindle monitoring
  • Sustainable performance level

Key features

  • Axis travels: X: 4 to 40 m+; Y: 2.5 to 7 m; Z: 1.5 to 2.5 m; W: 0 to 3.5 m
  • Table, floor plate and/or rotary plate up to Ø 7 m
  • Spindle motor up to 100 kW, 5,000 Nm (S1)
  • AAC up to 8 spindle units
  • ATC from 30 to 300 tools
CFC Roller conveyor 2 floors CFC Roller conveyor 2 floors


Over 70 Machines installed worldwide


  • Fives metal cutting composites Majormill1-FIVES
  • Fives metal cutting composites Majormill2-FIVES
  • Fives metal cutting composites Majormill3-FIVES
  • Fives metal cutting composites Majormill4-FIVES
  • Fives metal cutting composites Majormill5-FIVES
  • Fives metal cutting composites Majormill6-FIVES

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