Giddings & Lewis integrated contouring head HMC series

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Giddings & Lewis integrated contouring head HMC series

Fives’ dual-head design of the Giddings & Lewis horizontal machining center with integrated contouring head offers both a live spindle with added Z/W-axis reach and an integrated contouring head with U-axis turning capabilities. Automatic changeover from the live spindle to the integrated contouring head optimizes spindle utilization, improves part accuracy and reduces cycle time.

Advantages of HMC with integrated contouring head

  • Integrated contouring head reduces tooling needs by cutting part features of varying sizes and providing turning operations such as grooving, threading, contouring, facing, backfacing and more
  • Standard KM or Capto tooling is interchangeable into both heads; live spindle also accepts CAT 50 tools
  • Reduced cycle times with automated change between live spindle and contouring head
  • Ability to probe contouring head features using a probe in the live spindle or auxiliary probe increases part accuracy and throughput

Head specifications

  • Absolute positioning slide handles diameters from 50 to 540 mm
  • Contouring head has substantial tool length (600 mm) and weight capacity (18 kg)
  • Auto-coupler allows use of programmable boring bars up to 50 kg (110 lb) and 750 mm (29.5 in) in the live spindle for added machining reach and versatility 

Machine Specifications

HMC 1250

HMC 1600

X-axis travel (mm)



Optional X-axis travel (mm)



Y-axis travel (mm)



Optional Y-axis travel (mm)



Maximum workzone swing (mm)



Maximum workzone height (mm)



Feeds / rapid traverse (m/min)



Pallet size (mm)

1250 x 1250

1250 x 1600

Optional pallets (mm)

1600 x 1600

1600 x 2000

Allowable load (kg)



Optional load capacity (kg)


Number of positions



* Optional load capacity available on 1600 x 2000 mm pallet only

Applications and operations

Valves, fracking blocks, blowout preventers and pumps are just a few of the parts that benefit from the multi-functional capabilities of the Fives Giddings & Lewis machining centers and boring mills with integrated contouring heads. Machine features such as tapered bores, grooves, threads, chamfers and phonographic finishes with the dual-head design. Click on the link to see a video animation of the machine in operation.

Available options:

  • Large capacity tool magazines
  • Tool and part probes
  • Controls – Siemens or Fanuc
  • Coolant systems

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