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Product description

The new Cincinnati HMC 800 is a high-performance HMC solution for demanding aerospace, oil & gas, and other industrial hard metal manufacturing applications that require precision machining. Completely designed with the customer in mind – reliable, hard metal machining, low parasitic time, all at an affordable price.

The Cincinnati HMC 800 combines high spindle torque and power with superior dynamic machine stiffness, plus, the dual ball screws provide exceptional feed rates: 45m/min, and Acc/Dec rates of 0.5G. The bridge and saddle, designed with enhanced dynamic stiffness, provide optimum finish and tool life in hard metal applications. It is the perfect solution for the aero or industrial customer who machines hard metal applications, from steel to titanium. The unified structural design allows for fast installation on existing shop foundations.

It is also capable of 5-axis 5-sided complex part manufacturing. The 5-axis combines twin ball screw driven axes in XYZ, an infinite contouring B-axis table, and compact u-frame A-axis tilt spindle for full five-axis contour machining of complex part geometries. All combined, the HMC 800 delivers 5-sided machining capability with balanced speed, accuracy and range for complex part manufacturing, with reduced part setups for better quality and lowest cost-per-part.

Additionaly, the HMC 800 is equipped with high-torque spindle options for hard metal processing, 2 speed - 6,000 rpm, and all spindles have external flood up to 250psi and internal thru-spindle coolant up to 1500psi (HSK100A/KM4X). Tooling options include: HSK-100A, KM4X100,  Big plus 50.

Product advantages

  • Large part capacity, up to 2000 mm high x 1300 mm diameter work envelope
  • High-performance HMC solution for aerospace, oil & gas, and industrial manufactuing applications
  • Symmetrical dual ballscrew design provides speed, stiffness and maximized thermal stability
  • High feedrates and acceleration/deceleration combine with balanced spindle torque and power for high metal removal rates
  • 2-pallet automatic work changer with integral load/unload station
  • Large access doors allow easy and versatile part access and setup
  • High-capacity/heavy-duty automatic tool changer with storage up to 240 tools
  • Options also include 4-axis or Integrated Contouring Head. Contact factory for details

Product images

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  • HMC800headclose web-FIVES
  • HMC800 LTQ 04-FIVES

Technical specifications

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