Laser Applications

Relying on over 30 years of experience, Fives is a global player in the design and manufacturing of systems using high power laser (≥ 1 kW) for the welding of mechanical parts. This expertise has been extended to other laser-based applications such as 3-D cutting, wire stripping, hardening, drilling, cladding and additive manufacturing.

Depending on the application, Fives implements all types of high power laser sources: CO2 Lasers, Solid-state Lasers (YAG, fiber and diode Laser).


Fives proposes both standalone machines and multifeatured laser-based assembly lines, including washing machines, pressing modules, preheating stations and in-process & final control, as well as the related automation systems.

Combining the expertise in laser applications with an extensive know how in automation, Fives offers high-production systems.

Compact Welding Cells-FIVES

Compact Welding Module

3D laser cutting-FIVES

3D-Laser Cutting

Welding Lines Concept-FIVES

Welding lines Concept

5-Axis Laser Centers-FIVES

5-Axis Laser Centers

  • Manual transmission gear& synchronizer before laser welding
  • Automatic transmission component
  • Automatic transmission component
  • Shift for shaft
  • Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT)
  • camshaft and flange-FIVES
  • Seat recliner and bracket-FIVES
  • CV joint housing-FIVES
  • Laser cut clutch disk-FIVES
  • Laser metal deposition-FIVES

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