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Multiple-use application

Fives has long been specialized in the design of milling machines. Following on from this activity, Fives has developed fettling and cubing machines dedicated to the cubing of foundry parts from medium to large series, as well as several applications: sawing machine for carbon and graphite anodes. Fettling and cubing machines are designed for easy maintenance and to operate in foundries’ special environment.

Relying on highly-skilled engineering teams, Fives can adapt the design to specific needs. The machine is completely protected and covered to comply with environmental and safety standards.

CNC commanded saw

  • Equipped with a Siemens 840D CNC control, the machine is highly flexible and provides a high precision positioning
  • Reclining or perpendicular cut from the bloc basis
  • Diamond disc with a diameter up to 2 500 mm and a thickness of 9 mm
  • Cutting speed : carbon and graphit  1 700 to 4 200 m/mn
  • Cutting speed : foundry  1 500  m/mn 
  • Cased machine to respect security and environmental regulations


  • Graphite sawing-FIVES
  • Graphite sawing 2-FIVES
  • Graphite sawing 3-FIVES
  • Hot top sawing 1 -FIVES
  • Hot top sawing 2-FIVES
  • Sawing machine 1-FIVES
  • Sawing machine 2-FIVES
  • Sawing machine 3-FIVES

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