The aerospace industry, with its technological advances, is a key sector in the global economy and in innovative developments.
Fives supports the growth and advancement of the industry in terms of performance, quality and safety.

In a dynamic market, where the aircraft fleet will double in the next 20 years, there will be new requirements for productivity.
To support the pace, manufacturers and suppliers look for new solutions to increase production, maintaining reliability, quality and safety, while continuing to reduce manufacturing costs.

Fives produces state-of-the-art solutions, in conjunction with customers, for the manufacture of composite, aluminium and titanium parts in less time and with the highest accuracy. Thanks to Cincinnati, Forest-Liné, Giddings & Lewis and Liné Machines solutions, Fives supports aerospace manufacturers worldwide as they face difficult production constraints and strict requirements.

Fives in the Aerospace:

Metal cutting systems

Fives provides metal cutting solutions for the entire process; for boring, drilling, laser cutting, milling, turning, mill-turning, routing and portable machining. The most stringent requirements can be achieved.

Composites solutions

Fives manufactures highly productive automated composites processing equipments for the production of flat to complex and double curvature parts. The results are superior parts of near-net shape.  Trimming and finishing solutions are available for complex aerospace parts.

Expertise and process services

Fives delivers tailor-made solutions and services to ensures optimal performance and improved availability of the installation.

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