P2M - Portable Milling Machine

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P2M is a rigid and compact milling machine developed to perform local surfacing operations. P2M is designed in flexible configurations: stand alone machine or mounted on a robot. It is adaptable to different aircraft programs. 

P2M – Portable Milling Machine is a rigid and compact 3-axis milling machine to mill a surface through the frame jig aperture.

  • Performance
  • Rigid and compact concept
  • Protective housing by controlled access door
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • Autonomous machine working on batteries
  • Flexible machining process
  • Metal or composite milling and customer specifications
  • Compliance with CE standards

The P2M is designed according to a machining process to adapt the programs, the machine’s structure and design, and the clamping system to the customer specifications.

  • 24 volts battery pack
  • The battery pack is connected to the control cabinet by a dedicated socket
  • Autonomy : 2 hours in full milling conditions
  • The battery charger is supplied with the machine

Protective housing

  • The operator is protected from moving axes
  • Chips and swarf are contained within casing/vacuum
  • A controlled access door allows an easy access to the milling area
  • The door can only be opened under secure conditions : Spindle stopped / Cycle stopped
  • When the door is open, only slow manual movements are possible to realize adjustment phase

Chip recovery

  • A shroud is installed around the cutting tool to collect the chips during the milling operation
  • A tube connected to the shroud brings the chips to the outside of the housing

Technical specifications


Axes kinematics: 

  • Feed Rate: 3,200 mm/min  max
  • X Axis Stroke: 435 mm*
  • Y Axis Stroke: 320 mm*
  • Z Axis Stroke: 20 mm 

*Adaptable to the surface



  • Pneumatic Spindle
  • Maximum speed: 15,000 rpm
  • Maximum power: 2 kW 


Numerical Control:

  • BECKHOFF numerical control
  • Simultaneous interpolation of the 3 axes


Integrated control cabinet including:

  • The numerical control BECKHOFF
  • The 3 axes drive
  • The 24 volts power supply for the NC
  • Different push buttons / emergency stop button
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  • P2M manuelle web1 copyright-FIVES
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