Cincinnati Large Drill & Trim

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Cincinnati AutoDrill cam1-FIVES

Product description

Our large drill and trim systems are designed for ultra-precise milling, drilling, trimming, and countersink operations in composites and sandwich structures. Available in floor-type and gantry-type configurations, the systems offer high capacity, efficiency, and flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

Product advantages

  • Large machining range to process extremely long, wide, and tall parts
  • Flexible configurations available: floor type based on a boring mill chassis;
    single or dual spindle gantry style 
  • Ultra-precise carrier and tilt spindle head 
  • Process complex part shapes with 6-axis machining 
  • Surface detection technology for accurate depth control 
  • Equipped with high efficiency dust and chip vacuum system

Cincinnati AutoDrill

Cincinnati AutoDrill cam2 web-FIVES

With a rigid chassis based on a boring mill, and an extended-reach ram, this machine is designed for ultra-precise milling and drilling on massive composite and sandwich structures.

Cincinnati WingDrill

Cincinnati WingDrill web-FIVES

Available in a single- or dual-spindle gantry configuration, this machine is designed to precision mill, drill, and countersink composite and multi-material stackups and assemblies. 

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