Forest-Liné DHP™ 1500/ 3700 High-speed stack routing machine

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Fives metal cutting composites HP DHP stack router-FIVES

The DHP 1500/3700 high-speed machining centers have been developed to perform drilling operations, complete and automatic routing of aluminium sheets.

The range of DHP machines offers unrivalled productivity at a low cost per part.

Technical specifications

Material : Aluminium Stack 10 mm

Size : 1500 x 3700 - 2000 x 4000 mm

NC : Siemens 840D

Electrospindles : 1 Main

Rotation speed : 1,000 to 24,000 rpm

Power : 12 kW

Maximum torque : 8 Nm

Tools : HSK 50

Number of tools : 20 to 50

  • High speed and automatic aluminium sheet routing
  • High speed machining (6 m/mn on average)
  • Precision and quality
  • Tight axes positioning precision and remarkable part quality
  • Tool shrinking system to increase routing speed and precision
  • Automatic sheet stack clamping system
  • Automatic machining enabling hidden task performance
  • Tag generation and positioning by the process command

  • Automatic machining process setting based on tool and material data

  • Optimized nesting software to reduce scrap
  • Simple loading/unloading system
  • Optimized chip vacuum system to increase finished part quality
  • Detagging operations as soon as possible
  • DHP Pressure-bowl-and-optimized-chip-vacuum-system-FIVES
  • DHP High-rigidity-spindle 735x402-FIVES
  • DHP Automatic clamping system-FIVES
  • DHP Parts example 735x402-FIVES

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