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ACES® (Advanced Composites Environment Suite)

ACES is our proven analysis, simulation, and programming software for tape laying and fiber placement laminates. This powerful tool set is used to prove part designs and maximize machine performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with market leading laminate design tools Dassault Systemes’ Composite Design 3 and Vistagy’s FiberSIM. Interfaces are bi-directional which generates analysis results quicker, at lower cost, and with higher design fidelity by using industry standard interfaces.
  • Compatible MS Windows XP, 7 (32 & 64 bit), Catia V4, V5, V6, Dassault’s Composites Workbench, UG-NX and Pro/E. ACES software runs on current engineering MS Windows PC workstation platforms.
  • Broad range of automatic surface coverage types and path placement tools that give rapid evaluation of coverages which adhere rigidly to requirements, and allow for optimizations.
  • Process and system capability analyses provides graphical and tabular reports for quick and complete review.
  • Collision detection and automatic collision avoidance allows lay-up of female tools that may otherwise not be producible. Conclusions can be drawn quickly from graphical results.

ACES® gives users vital manufacturing assessment of candidate parts. Dozens of process and system capability checks can be performed including fiber deviation, wrinkling, gap, compaction, head clearance, travel limits, minimum material length and more. It is used for trade studies,evaluation of design variants, and new concept risk reduction investigations. Graphical and tabular results allow quick assessment.

ACES provides an arsenal of programming and optimization functions developed over twenty years. It includes a complete simulation and programming tool set that produces optimized and production-ready NC programs.

With ACES, you can show parts and tooling with Integral Simulation capability, evaluate optimization alternatives, and have more accurate production plans. The powerful graphical user interface with extensive on-line help will result in higher productivity from both new and experienced users. The parallel processing architecture takes full advantage of multicore processor PCs producing the Fastest processing times in the industry. Parts with hundreds of plies, weighing several hundreds of pounds may be reprogrammed in minutes, not days or hours.

Cincinnati CM100 Control

The CM100 computer control is the only control designed specifically for automated composites production. This powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use control features an open-architecture design powered by industrial grade processors and digital servo drives to deliver fast, smooth and accurate machine motion. The CM100 provides coordinated motion of all machine and head axes and controls all dispensing functions to accurately place the composite material onto the lay-up surface with programmable compaction control. The highly rated, operator-friendly CM100 executes part programs without requiring a separate PC to serve as a front end processor, and it complies with all applicable industry standards, including CE Mark requirements.

  • Only control specifically designed for composites
  • Powerful, yet easy to use
  • Open architecture design
  • Accurate lay-up with programmable control
  • Includes Observer part history for maximum productivity
  • ACES-Aerospace-FIVES
  • Wing 1-FIVES
  • Barrel 3-FIVES
  • 6AxisGantrySparCap1-FIVES

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