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Workshop services-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

Fives  offers a range of services adapted to each customer’s constraints.

In addition to spare parts supply, programming, training and start up assistance, Fives provides maintenance services, which enable customers to reduce the installation shutdown, increase the equipment reliability and enhance their performance.

  • 50 years of expertise dedicated to machine tools
  • Highly-skilled technicians and engineers
  • A wide range of machining capabilities
  • A network of facilities strategically located near customers
  • Suppplier of spare parts (Gendron, Landis-Gendron, Rouchaud, Metrap, RDC, etc...)

  • Refurbishment (CNC, geometry / mechanics, fluids)
  • Rebuilding / retooling
  • Automatism 
  • Machine and production line relocation
  • Electrospindle repair and refurbishment
  • Transformation for new product lines / Carry over
  • Spare parts design and manufacturing
  • Programming
  • Training
  • Start-up assistance
  • On site grinding
  • On site reshaping of spindle taper

Design office

  • Spare part design and manufacturing
  • Fluidic studies (hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, spraying)
  • Upgrading, retrofit, retooling, carry over


  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Project management & sourcing

Project management and sourcing dedicated team to:

  • Refurbishment activity with their specific network of suppliers
  • Specific network of suppliers with high reactivity
  • Spare parts supply

Workshop & field service

  • 50 technicians specialized in mechanics and geometry
  • Intervention, emergency repair
  • Emergency service for grinding and rework
  • Workshop 2-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Babbited bearing adjustments-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Geometrical checking-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Tool adjustments-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Electrospindle repair workshop-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

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