MGP 150 High-speed bar machining center

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MGP150-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

Bar machining center dedicated to aerospace short and long parts.

The MGP high-speed machining center has been developed to perform both drilling, milling, chamfering, routing and end machining operations on aluminium bars.

  • Fully automated process
  • 3 active spindles
  • Continuous bar feeding and machining
  • Fast loading and unloading

  • High rigidity spindle
  • Probing system               
  • No windowing
  • Temperature offset program

  • Auto-reverse
  • Push-Pull process
  • Easy programming
  • Flexible combinations
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Technical specifications

Material : Aluminium bar

Profil section : 150 x 150 mm

Profil shapes : L, T, H, Z

Parts lengths : from 100 to 12 000 mm

CNC : NC Siemens 840D

Rotation speed : 1,000 to 24,000 rpm

Power : 12 kW

Maximum torque : 8 Nm

2 Additional electrospindles

Tools : HSK 50E

Number of tools : 24 to 50

4 synchronized chucks. Push-Pull process for a continuous bar feeding under the spindle and Auto-reverse process.

  • Reduced number of machining windows for eliminating recovery traces.
  • Part machining in one operation: no operator intervention needed.
  • Hidden time task performance (preparation, dimensional checks, maintenance...).
  • MGP150--Additional-spindles-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • MGP150 Push-Pull-process 735x402-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • MGP150-Part-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

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