Cincinnati VIPER™ Fiber Placement Systems

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VIPER 6000 at Aerolia V2 RT with Logo Colored V4 WEB-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

When dexterity, accuracy and speed are the priorities - the VIPER™!

The Cincinnati VIPER™ platform of machines combine the advantages of tape laying and filament winding with advanced computer control and software to achieve unmatched production capabilities for a wide variety of complex composites parts.

Fiber placement systems are designed for dexterity and flexibility for production of wrinkle-free lay-up of convex and concave parts. The Cincinnati VIPER™ machines are highly productive and equipped with patented features to produce superior quality while dramatically reducing scrap. With 7 axes of motion, the VIPER™ platform is particularly suited to flat and highly contoured structures such as cowls, ducts, fuselage panels and barrels, bulkheads, wings, payload adaptors, fan blades, spars, frames and stringers.

Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations - VIPER™ 1200, 4000, 6000.

With the largest installed base of fiber placement systems in the world, and the most certified flying composite parts in the industry, the VIPER™ Fiber Placement Systems platform has unmatched production capabilities for a large variety of complex parts.

The Cincinnati VIPER™ automatically and independently control up to 32 individual tows or slit tape producing a variable bandwidth “on-the-fly”. Each tow can be independently dispensed, clamped, cut and restarted during fiber placement. Gaps and overlaps are minimized as the machine precisely lays interior or exterior contoured boundaries.

  • Segmented Compaction Roller offers superior compaction on core and tight radii contour surface features
  • Bi-directional Tensioners located in the creel enclosure maintain precise tension control of each tow as well as monitor the individual pay-out of each
  • Re-direct Roller Systems reduces the likelihood of twisted tows by maintaining a flat fiber band
  • Individual Tow Cut-Clamp-Restart adds versatility by adjusting the width of the fiber band by adding or cutting individual tows on-the-fly

Nearly 30 years of fiber placement experience, with the highest productivity, highest accuracy, and lowest scrap rate in the industry, the Cincinnati VIPER™ is the product-of-choice to the aerospace industry.

Material Types

  • Carbon and Glass Fibers
  • Thermoset Epoxies (Autoclave & Out of Autoclave)
  • BMI
  • Dry Fiber
  • Foil

VIPER™ 1200

- Part diameters up to 2 m (80 in)

- 12 or 16 tows: 3.2, 4.0, 6.4 mm (0.125, 0.157, 0.25 in)

VIPER™ 4000

- Part diameters up to 6 m (236 in)

- 24 or 32 tows; 3.2 or 6.4 mm (0.125 or 0.25 in)

VIPER™ 6000

- Part diameters up to 8 m (315 in)

- 32 tows; 3.2, 6.4 or 12.7 mm (0.125, 0.25 or 0.5 in)

  • Fives metal cutting composites 1200 6 rt v4 RT 1-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Fives metal cutting composites Docking CCR 4361 HiRes withLogo RT V2 2-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Fives metal cutting composites Viper 4000 3-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Fives metal cutting composites VIPER 6000 at Aerolia V2 RT 4-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Fives metal cutting composites Viper Head 2 5-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

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