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HP Broaching machine-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

Relying on its experience in refurbishing and transformation of broaching machine, Fives has developed an horizontal broaching machine especially designed to broach discs and turbine blades.

With its many references and its unique expertise in the area of broaching, Fives is able to develop specific broaching solutions according to your specific needs.

According to the shape to be obtained, various types of solutions can be proposed:

  • High broaching speed
  • High efficiency using multi broaching process
  • Adapted power and pulling force
  • Complementary full CNC axis control
  • Auxiliary and optional equipment



  • Broaching machine drawing-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Cradle 1-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Cradle 2-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites
  • Services Broach holders grinding-FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

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