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Fives  metal cutting composites Cincinnati HP Profiler -FIVES Fives Metal Cutting-Composites

Product description

There isn't a commercial aircraft flying that hasn't been touched by a Cincinnati Profiler! These multi-spindle, multi-axis contour milling machines apply decades of 5-axis experience from an extensive, worldwide, installed base. The Cincinnati HP Profiler is offered in 3-, 4-, and 5-spindle configurations with center distances up to 2.54 m (100"). The 10000 rpm spindle is extremely rugged to provide many years of service. 

Product advantages

  • Full 5-axis contouring
  • A/B rotary axis head with ± 30 degrees of travel
  • 3, 4, or 5 spindle:
    • 10000 rpm, 75 kW (100 hp), ANSI 50
    • 20000 rpm, 85 Nm (114 hp), HSK-100A
  • Spindle distances up to 2.54 m (100”)
  • Designed and optimized for a aluminium
  • Vertical configuration for lowest capital investment
  • Siemens 840D Solution Line control is standard

Technical specifications

  HP (High Performance)
X-axis (minimum) 4367 mm
X-axis (incremental) 3658 mm
Y-axis – 3 spindle, 40" CD 2542 mm
Y-axis – 3 spindle, 80" CD 4165 mm
Y-axis – 3 spindle, 100" CD 3150 mm
Y-axis – 4 spindle, 75" CD 2515 mm
Z-axis 711 mm
A-axis ±30 degrees
B-axis ±30 degrees
  HP (High Performance)
X-axis 15240 mm/min
Y-axis 15240 mm/min
Z-axis 5080 mm/min
A-axis 450 dpm
B-axis 450 dpm
  HP (High Performance)
Speed (maximum) 10000 rpm
Power (S1) 75 kW
Torque (S1) 150 Nm
Taper ANSI 50

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