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Metal Cutting | Composites, specialized in large dimensional High speed Milling centers and Service Support, with renowned brands based on 3 historical companies.

FRANCE, Fives Forest-Liné

1835 - Lefebvre Etablissements founded his machine workshop in Albert, Somme (North of France)

1875 - Victor Liné, his nephew renamed the company Victor Liné and specialized in the manufacturing  of machine tools

1957 - The Forest Company settles in South West of France (Midi-Pyrénées Region) and starts with the manufacturing of machines which produce aircraft propellers. Initially the company developed its expertise in 5-axis simultaneous milling and, more recently, it specialized in the mastering of high speed milling machines.

1968 - Forest launches its first CNC machining center

1982 - Forest mergers with Liné. The new company in Capdenac developed its expertise in highly innovative placement systems of composite materials.

1984 - Forest-Liné presents its first Very High Speed milling machine with 1g acceleration (10m/s²) at the IMTS in Chicago Fair.

Forest-Liné Albert - Advertising
Forest-Liné Albert - Advertising
Liné V Planer - 1880
Liné V Planer - 1880
Liné V Piano Miller - 1920
Liné V Piano Miller - 1920

FRANCE, Cinetic Machining

1996 - Cinetic  acquired CMS (CEPEDE founded in 1971 & Rouchaud  founded in 1896-Gendron companies) specialized in metal cutting machine tools manufacturing and refurbishment, as well as in laser welding technology

2000 - Rouchaud launches the patented extrusion milling center MGP300®

2001 - Rouchaud launches the sheet stack routing machine DHP1250®

2006 - Rouchaud launches the patented MGP150®

2002 - Cinetic acquired Metrap, specialized in machine tools overhauling and refurbishment of any brands

2003 -  Cinetic Machining was born out of the merger of the two companies.  Backed by decades of experience with major industrial players, Cinetic Machining offers innovative machine-tools for the automotive and aerospace industry as well as support in equipment optimization, retrofitting, refurbishing or industrial transfer, always placing its customer’s productivity and operational request at the forefront.

Rouchaud Lamassiaude Site in Limoges
Rouchaud Lamassiaude Site in Limoges
Rouchaud & Lamassiaude
Rouchaud & Lamassiaude
Cinetic Machining Workshop
Cinetic Machining Workshop

2014 - Cinetic Machining launches the hybrid automated drilling unit eADU®

July 2014 - Cinetic Machining becomes Fives Machining

The U.S.A., Fives Cincinnati and Fives Giddings & Lewis

1859 - Giddings & Lewis founded in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Started as a small machine shop servicing the lumber industry

1884 - Cincinnati Screw & Tap company founded in Cincinnati, Ohio

1903 - First Giddings & Lewis machine tool built

1955 - Giddings & Lewis builds the first commercially-available machine tool

1958 - Kearney & Trecker (acquired by G&L in 1990) produces first machining center

1958 - Cincinnati develops first NC profiler for Aerospace

1967 - Cincinnati introduces 5-axis, multi-spindle machines

1978 - Giddings & Lewis produces first flexible manufacturing system

1983 - Cincinnati introduces composite technology with first automated tape layer

1988 - Cincinnati adds to composite technology with first automated fiber placement system

1994 - Giddings & Lewis introduces hexapod technology

2000 - Cincinnati introduces linear motor machining centers

2010 - Cincinnati develops composite wind blade systems

2011 - Cryogenic technology introduced

2013 - Fives' purchase of MAG Americas